The 2XL Experience

2XL prides itself on providing customers great cleaning experiences. Read about the different ways we have thoughtfully implemented these experiences within our products.


Person wiping a phone

These soft, thick sheets provide you and your users with a sensible combination of comfort, absorbency and value. 2XL technologies such as Wipe Saver™, Cleaning Cushions™, and Perf-ect™ ensure products that you will enjoy supplying and using.

Wipe Saver™

2XL dispensers are engineered with award winning designs to save wipes from overuse and to help with wipe management and inventory control. By design, 2XL dispensers utilize combinations of ergonomic guides, molds, welds, and labels to help human hands make proper use of dispensers and enforce the correct method for the pulling of wipes. Coupled with Perf-ect™, this results in a wipe pulling trajectory for optimal single towelette ejection.

Roping, tearing, shredding, and breakage of the wipe is all but eliminated. Use less wipes and minimize labor changeout with the 2XL Wipe Saver™ system.

Cleaning Cushions™

2XL towelettes contain cleaning cushions that you can see on the towelette. They dig deep and navigate in-between irregular surfaces. Each cleaning cushion is paired with a dirt well that removes and holds grime and particles. Working as a team, 2XL's cushions and wells successfully sanitize the toughest messes.


2XL wet wipe products are put under extensive testing to determine the best “perf” design and pattern. 2XL’s large line of wet wipe products utilize many different substrates. Each product is studied and tested through many usage scenarios, and its “perf” pattern is optimized for single discharge of wet wipes in all of 2XL’s dispensers.



Super Seal™

2XL’s bucket technology is in full force keeping towelettes moist when users need them, but not allowing the roll to dry out. The 2XL Super Seal system allows wipes to last years without drying out, yet ready to be pulled out at a moments notice.