Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living,
Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation

2XL products meet all regulatory guidelines for non-critical healthcare areas and are effective against key pathogens. Our products are perfect for: Physical therapy, durable medical equipment & devices, environmental areas & furniture, as well as food service areas.



(120 CT)

  • Kills C. diff without bleach or perecetic acid
  • 4 minute kill
  • 3 year shelf life in tablet form

Force2 Wipes

Antibacterial Force2

(180 Ct)

  • Kills 99.999% of bacteria in 2 minutes
  • EPA registered
  • The safest, most effective cleaner on the market

Performance Body Cloths

Performance Body Cloths

(700 Ct)

  • PH balanced & hypoallergenic cloths
  • Safe for all body parts
  • Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin

What is both technologically advanced and an

organizational asset?

Guardian Stands - All-in-one clean

Guardian Gym Wipes Stand

Guardian Stand


  • Front door includes a magnetic closure
  • Full height hinge

Guardian Gym Wipes Stand

Guardian Stand


  • Large trash can and extra storage
  • Made with long-lasting steel

Guardian Gym Wipes Stand

Guardian Stand


  • Award-winning, patented design
  • Available in White, Silver, and Black

Selecting the right disinfectants and the regulations around healthcare are very complex. Call 2XL to learn about which products are best for specific applications and also how 2XL meets or exceeds the CDC and other regulatory body standards.

Is there a wipe that is safe for Foodservice &
meal prep?

Foodservice Wipes

No Rinse Food Service Wipes

No-Rinse Food Service Wipes

(500 CT)

  • High-tech formula cleans better than traditional high-alcohol products (Phenol-free, alcohol-free, bleach free)
  • Quickly wipes away food-borne pathogens such as E.Coli, Lysteria, Staph and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Food Services Wipes

Food Service Wipes

(180 Ct)

  • Larger 6” x 10” towelettes
  • 100 wipes
  • Same formula and cleaning properties as the original
  • Smaller container size is perfect for food prep or bar areas where space is at a premium

For hand sanitation & wipes

Foaming Hand Gel and Hand Wipes

Manual Wall Dispenser for Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer - White

Manual Wall Dispenser for Hand Sanitizer (White)

  • Made of high quality plastic
  • ADA compliant
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Sanitizer not included with purchase

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes (70 CT)

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Formulated with aloe, glycerin and the antioxidant Vitamin E to moisturize the skin
  • Doesn’t sting! Safe for sensitive skin
  • This effective formula cleans hands while killing bacteria

What is the best way to clean surfaces such as
treatment rooms, lobbies waiting rooms

including furniture?

Force Wipes & Force 2

Antibacterial Force

Antibacterial Force

(900 CT)

  • EPA registered disinfectant formula
  • Non-toxic; free of any harsh chemicals including alcohol, bleach, ammonia, or phenol
  • Kills 99.999% of common germs including ca-mrsa, h1n1, h5n1, h7n9, Ebola, Staph and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and more
  • Effective against 49 total pathogens
  • Will not damage vinyl, rubber, leather, plastic, acrylic, metal, finished wood, and other non-porous surfaces
  • Each roll contains 900 super absorbant, double thick 7.7” x 5.8” towelettes that stay wet 30% longer

Force2 Wipes

Antibacterial Force2

(180 Ct)

  • Disinfects in just 2 minutes
  • All the same features as original Force wipes

Is there a product safe for all touchscreens, glass & displays?

Care Wipes - Glass / LCD / Touchscreen Wipes

Glass, LCD, Touchscreen & Lubricating Wipes

Glass/LCD/TouchScreen Wipes (70 CT)

  • 70 count portable container
  • 7” x 8” towelette
  • Eliminate destructive moisture exposure that can occur with spray cleaners
  • Use on any glass / LCD / touch-screens or monitor in your fitness facility
  • Anti-static formula leaves surfaces clean and clear
  • Lint-free, ammonia-free
  • Streak-free technology

Cdiffend kills c-diff and tb in 4 minutes with no bleach


CDiffend Starter PackCdiffend

Starter Pack

  • 1 - 120 Count bottle
  • Spray bottle
  • Trigger sprayer
  • CDiffend label

CDiffend 120 Tablets


(120 Tablets)

  • CDIFFEND by 2XL are the revolutionary tablets that are EPA registered to kill C. diff spores in 4 minutes.
  • Just add two tablets to a 32 oz spray bottle with regular tap water.

CDiffend Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle

w/ trigger

  • Spray bottle
  • Trigger sprayer
  • CDiffend label

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