Antibacterial & SANITIZING WIPES

Get clean and stay clean with the help of 2XL. Our family of antibacterial and sanitizing wipes are extremely diverse in the range of surfaces and industries they service. Whatever you need to clean, 2XL has you covered!

Sanitizing Wipes


Keep your facility clean and look good doing it! 2XL's variety of stands and dispensers range from individual to all-in-one solutions. Whether it's our hand sanitizer dispenser, wipes dispenser or customizable Guardian Stand, we have a product to fit your needs.

Stands & Dispensers

HAND Sanitizer FOAMS & HAND CARE Wipes

We use our hands every day. Maintaining the highest level of health and care is extremely important. Whether you are lacking time, soap and water or looking for convenience, our hand care wipes and gels supply a fast and effective solution.

Hand Gel & Hand Care

Hospital Grade Wipes

Our hospital grade Force and Revolution Wipes are perfect for cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing high traffic surfaces. The cleaning power does not stop at surfaces. Your hands will be protected from infection and other health hazards with our alcohol free sanitizing wipes, GymWipes Advantage.

Hospital Grade Products