120 Count Bottle

2 bottles per case

SKU | 2XL-310

Revolutionary tablets that are EPA registered to kill C. diff

spores in 4 minutes. Just add two tablets to a 32 oz spray bottle with regular tap water.

The Safest C. diff Disinfectant On The Market:

  • pH Neutral in Use: pH of 5.5-6.5 vs. Peracetic Acid (2.8) OR Bleach (12-12.5)
  • Effective against C. diff spores, viruses and bacteria including mycobacterium bovis (TB)
  • Mild odor, increased stability, and easier on surfaces
  • 3 year shelf life in tablet form and mixed solutions maintain efficacy for 7 days in a sealed container

CDiffend Starter Pack

Includes 2 - 120 count

bottles, spray bottle,

trigger sprayer, and label

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SKU: 2XL-311

CDiffend Tablets

120 - Count Bottle

2 Bottles Per Case

Package Type: Corrugated Cardboard


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SKU: 2XL-311

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Gross Weight:

SKU: 2XL-311

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