Cdiffend Starter Pack

SKU | 2XL-311

Includes 2 - 120 count bottles, spray bottle, trigger sprayer and label.

Revolutionary tablets that are EPA registered to kill C. diff

spores in 4 minutes. Just add two tablets to a 32 oz spray bottle with regular tap water.

  • C. difficile spores (seeds that can grow into the active bacteria under the right conditions) can survive on all kinds of surfaces, and can be easily spread in hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Since exposure is higher in hospitals and nursing homes, there is greater risk of infection.
  • Since C. diff is resistant to most antibiotics, it is difficult to eradicate and taking antibiotics may even help it thrive.
  • C. diff bacteria in the human digestive system are typically controlled by the presence of other, harmless bacteria. When the beneficial bacteria are wiped out by antibiotics, the C. diff bacteria may multiply and become more active, thus producing disease-causing toxins.

CDiffend Starter Pack

Includes 2 - 120 count

bottles, spray bottle,

trigger sprayer, and label

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SKU: 2XL-311

CDiffend Tablets

120 - Count Bottle

2 Bottles Per Case

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SKU: 2XL-311

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SKU: 2XL-311

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