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Our Wipes Advantage

Our cleaning wipes are specially formulated to remove sweat and grime without harming surfaces. Great for seat pads, benches, handgrips, chrome plating, painted, steel and rubber surfaces, tanning beds and electronic panels. Whether you are looking for fitness center wipes, health club wipes, body wipes or yoga mat wipes, our wide selection covers it all!

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The User's Experience

2XL's premoistened wipes have been rigorously tested to provide you with the highest level of effectiveness and functionality. Our wide selection of products, large quantity rolls and large size wipes were engineered to give you the highest quality and satisfaction.

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Unique Formulas

2XL's EPA registered formulas kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi without the use of any harsh chemicals. Our products have the lowest residue formulas on the market, making them safe on electronic panels, streak free on your surfaces and environmentally friendly.