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Our CareWipes Advantage

Our CareWipes are specially formulated to help you handle all the unique cleaning scenarios that life throws at you. Whether you need to rid your hands, LCD screen, table or restroom of germs and bacteria, our antibacterial and sanitizing wipes have you covered. CareWipes are great for restaurants, spas, schools, restrooms, offices and many other environments.

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The User's Experience

From antibacterial hand wipes to screen cleaning wipes, CareWipes provide a quality solution for any cleaning situation. CareWipes body cleaning cloths are made of a special material that will not shred, tear or pill, but are gentle enough to be used as baby wipes or adult body wipes. A one step cleaning process that requires no bottles, sprays or packets.

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Unique Formulas

2XL’s CareWipes contain cleaning and deodorizing agents that are non-toxic, non-irritating and non-abrasive. Our alcohol and bleach free wipes will not dry out skin or surfaces. A perfect alternative when soap and water is not available or desirable. Great to use as gym body wipes after a workout, fitwipes or as sanitizer wipes.