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Shop Wipes are large and durable pre-moistened shop towels with the cleaning power to take on the toughest cleaning jobs in maintenance, repair, and other industrial environments. They contain a waterless de-greasing formula that easily removes grease, lubricants, adhesives, tar, wax, paint, ink and other tough messes from hands, tools, equipment and surfaces. Made from super absorbent polypropylene, ShopWipes conveniently suck liquids, dirt, and grime into the towelette. These no residue wipes are extremely versatile. From loosening and dissolving tough grime off stainless steel tools to cleaning up oily spills, these industrial wipes will do the job!

  • Non-Toxic; Contains no harsh chemicals including alcohol, bleach, ammonia, phenol or triclosan
  • NSF C1 Certified; registered for use as a general cleaner in food processing facilities
  • Will not dry or crack hands even with frequent use
  • Utilizes a powerful waterless de-greasing formula that easily cuts thru the toughest of messes
  • Environmentally friendly; Photo-degradable
  • 400 count, two rolls per case
  • Large 8”x12” towelette
  • Pleasant citrus scent
  • Works in all 2XL wipe dispenser units
  • A one step solution; acts as degreaser wipes, industrial hand wipes and shop towels
  • Great for plumbers, construction workers, maintenance personnel, HVAC contractors, metal fabricators, aviation techs, electricians, auto service techs, pipeline workers, oil field workers, welders and assembly line workers.
  • Also available in Shop Wipes 70 CT




Gross Weight (lbs)


Formula Level



12.5" x 12.5" x 11"



L Level of CleanL Clean


Package Type


Gross Weight


2 Buckets Per Case

Corrugated Cardboard

23.5" x 12" x 11"

20 lbs.



30 cs

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These aggressive citrus scented towels are industrial strength but also gentle - fortified with emollient and natural oils so they won't crack or dry hands.

Shop Wipes

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