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Our GymWipes Advantage

Our products are specially formulated to remove sweat and grime conveniently without harming surfaces. Eliminate the "Yuck Factor". Great for seat pads, leg and armrests, benches, handgrips, chrome plating, painted surfaces, steel and rubber surfaces, tanning beds and electronic panels. A great cleaner for nearly any surface.

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The User's Experience

2XL Wipes have also been tested among users to create a product with the ideal functionality and effectiveness. In addition, clients appreciate the engineering and input utilized in the development of GymWipes/CareWipes. Clients feel cleaner when using GymWipes/CareWipes as they are able to use them on nearly any surface.

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Unique Formulas

GymWipes/CareWipes Antibacterial formulas come in three versions; GymWipes/CareWipes Antibacterial, GymWipes/CareWipes Antibacterial Force and GymWipes/CareWipes Antibacterial Revolution. All versions kill a number of germs and bacteria with formulas that are safe for any surface or piece of equipment. GymWipes/CareWipes Antibacterial products do not contain phenol, alcohol or bleach.