Fitness and Personal Training

Healthcare Market Segment

GymWipes products are specially formulated to remove sweat and grime conveniently without harming workout surfaces. Eliminate the "Yuck Factor" of working out. Great for seat pads, leg, and armrests, benches, handgrips, chrome plating, painted surfaces, steel and rubber surfaces, tanning beds and electronic panels.

GymWipes towelette solution has been developed hand-in-hand with equipment manufactures and adheres to their input and guidelines. It contains no alcohol, no ammonia and it leaves no residue. The formula contains a specialized group of disinfectants that clean the equipment in your gym, but that also are non-toxic and non-irritating to your clients.They are also environmentally friendly, as opposed to many other products.


Beauty, Spa, and Tanning Market Segment

Spas, tanning beds, tables, and counter-tops require a large amount of care. Being specifically designed and packaged for a quick, effective cleanup CareWipes are perfect for this environment, providing a fast and effective method for clients and employees alike. Strong yet gentle, CareWipes towelettes and Stage 2 hand sanitizer are perfect for spas and tanning salons.


Women washing their hands

Healthcare and Physical Therapy require powerful, yet safe solutions for surfaces that come into contact with patients and staff. 2XL offers multiple solutions for the different situations faced by these customers. Our products provide an eco-friendly, safe, quick and effective cleanup of any washable surface.

Grocery/Retail Stores

Grocery & Retail Stores

Customers expect to be able to use clean and germ-free shopping carts with which to shop. Whether it is a grocery store, supermarket or retail store, by teaming up with 2XL you'll be sure that your customers are looking at your products without worry about dirty carts. Nobody wants to use a cart that potentially harbors germs or foodstuff, such as sticky sugars. Providing CareWipes and Stage 2 cleaning products will keep you and your customers happy


Girl working on a school project

2XL's products offer a range of government facility cleaning and maintenance solutions. Our products tackle even the most challenging cleaning projects by being strong, yet gentle. Whether cleaning in the fitness center, cafeteria, conference rooms, or even the barracks; 2XL's products are perfect in any environment. Keeping your classroom clean and your kids healthy can be a real challenge. Providing a clean, attractive classroom environment that enhances the image of the school provides a positive learning environment for students. Classroom cleaning is a priority and should be done daily. CareWipes and Stage 2 products are here to help with that!



Maintaining a clean bathroom need not be an onerous task. The bathroom is composed of different surfaces that can accumulate rust, water stains, soap stains, and mildew. There are chrome surfaces; glass, porcelain, brass and fiberglass that you should know how to effectively clean without damaging it. CareWipes and Stage 2 products are safe, great additions for bathrooms and portable toilets and can clean countertops, stalls, tubs, sinks, vanities, mirrors, toilets, faucets and floors. In addition, they are great for use on portable toilets and portable hand washing stations and can save countless hours of costs in care. Feeding of portable water sinks are eliminated.

CareWipes and Stage 2 allow patrons to clean their hands without the use of water and make it much easier for your staff to maintain. Rather than replacing water, soap, paper towels and the general cleanup of the units CareWipes all-in-one solution allows quick cleanup.


Cook working at a restaurant

Your customers expect a spotless environment in which to dine and your staff needs to efficiently keep tables clean. A clean table is a reflection on the high cleanliness standards used in the kitchen. Let CareWipes and Stage 2 deliver solutions for either your staff use, or your customer use, depending on the situation. Our products are especially valuable where parents and children need an effective cleaner for their hands or table.


Concert with fireworks

When your facility plays host to tens of thousands of people each day, there is no room for cleaning errors. 2XL understands the priorities of your needs, necessity for safety protocol, and the demands of facility cleanliness. Whether you need your staff to perform spot cleaning or have cleaning stations available for 30,000+ guests coming in tomorrow and the day after that, 2XL assures that they will be greeted with an environment of clean.

Corporate Facilities

People speaking in a work environment

Desks, phones, keyboards, computers, copiers, cabinet tops, counters and conference rooms demand cleanliness to demonstrate the value you place in your colleagues and your workplace. Reduce workplace sickness and heighten employee morale with 2XL's easy to use solutions. Allow employees to quickly and easily sanitize their surroundings.


Beautiful hotel room

You can rest assured knowing that your members will take pride in your club and the cleanliness of the property. From sparkling restrooms, to immaculate common areas, 2XL's products perform to the highest standards. Our cost per room and cost per use coupled with products that are unparalleled make 2XL the only choice in hotel cleaning.