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Keep Your Hotel Gym Safe and Healthy

| July 27, 2018

Hotels are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in building fitness facilities that boast state of the art equipment. Yet, they continue to use hazardous cleaning products that damage the equipment but fail to do eliminate the viruses and infectious diseases that linger on high touch surfaces.  Dangerous infections like MRSA and even Norovirus can be lurking about in hotel gyms and on equipment. The CDC website states that one of the ways to contract the highly contagious Norovirus is by touching contaminated surfaces –“over 80% of outbreaks occur from November through April.”

Keeping a gym clean and safe must be a top priority for hotels. Making sure equipment is disinfected is key to preventing infectious outbreaks. Hotels can make sure they are staying one step ahead of an infectious outbreak by making sure all aspects of the gym are safe and healthy.


If the facility itself doesn’t look clean that’s a pretty good indicator that it could be a potential breeding ground for germs. Germs in a gym facility can exist in places you may not expect, so take some time to examine all the nooks and crannies of your gym that may have been neglected.

  • Does the gym look or “feel” dirty?
  • Are there dirty towels lying around?
  • Do the floors, windows, or mirrors look clean?
  • Is the paint chipped or cracked?
  • Does the facility smell like sweat?


Old equipment or equipment in disrepair is a red flag for safety issues. Guests will assume that if a hotel has not invested in state-of-the art equipment they are probably not invested in maintaining it or keeping it clean.

  • Does the equipment look outdated?
  • Are monitors cracked or broken?
  • Is the equipment in working order?
  • Does the equipment (including free weights) look dirty?
  • Are mats torn or in disrepair?


If the facility and equipment have passed a quick inspection make sure you take a look at the locker room. Although some hotels may not provide a locker room, some larger hotels offer this amenity. Lockers should be disinfected inside and out, and benches should be wiped down as well.

  • Does the locker room smell foul?
  • Are the floors littered or soiled?
  • Are the showers clean?
  • Are the lockers in disrepair?
  • Are separate bins available for clean and dirty towels?

A good solution to ensure a safe and healthy gym experience is to provide hand-sanitizing stations and antibacterial wipes in your hotel gym so guests can keep themselves germ free, and participate in keeping fitness spaces clean.

2XL is a leading manufacturer of cost effective disinfecting products designed for use in a variety of industries, including hospitality. Our non-hazardous antibacterial GymWipes kill 44 pathogens without harming your equipment. Guests will feel safer knowing that their workout, designed to improve their health, won’t get sidetracked by a virus lingering on the surface of equipment.


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