What are Your Shoes Bringing into the Gym?

Most of us remove our shoes when we enter our homes so we don’t bring dirt into the house. We take this action so we can keep ourselves healthy. Unfortunately, there is more than just dirt hanging around on shoes, there is a community of germs and bacteria.

People want to feel safe while they are working out so providing a clean gym is a must. Making sure equipment and high touch areas throughout the gym are cleaned and disinfected is a high priority. Hopefully, staff and members are visibly cleaning equipment, using hand sanitizer, and cleaning free weights. We trust that deeper cleaning is happening behind the scenes in locker rooms, bathrooms, shower stalls and that floors are being mopped. It is no secret that all these areas harbor germs. But, does your gym make you change your shoes before working out? If they don’t they need to start!


Cultivating a Community of Cleaners at the Gym

Members come to a gym to improve and maintain their health. Stretching, lifting weights, strength building exercises, and cardiovascular fitness are all parts of the workout experience designed to keep members healthy. What gym-goers don’t want to experience however, is a dirty gym that does not take the health of its members seriously. Gym owners and staff have a responsibility to provide a safe, and germ-free environment. Cultivating a community of cleaners begins with setting standards that need to be followed by everyone. But, it is not enough to just set the standards, gyms need to follow-through and enforce them as well.